Custom Halloween Wine Coasters

It is time to start planning your Halloween parties. These Custom Halloween Coasters are perfect for a simple evening of hors d’oeuvres and wine or for a night of eery thrills. Whether you plan to decorate your entire house for Halloween or only feature a few small details on your table, these Halloween Coasters are sure to make a statement.

DIY Halloween Coasters

For less than a couple of dollars, you can whip together these custom Halloween coasters for your guests. Since they are inexpensive, you can toss them after your event.

Supplies Needed:

  • Plastic or Rubber Halloween creatures – found at the dollar store
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Spray Paint – color of choice

Lay out your creepy friends in a pattern you like best. We created square Halloween coasters but you can make them circular or rectangle. Remember, you will be setting a glass on top of these spooky coasters so you need to make sure they are level. We used the longer insects to make the border and equally placed the scorpions and spiders on each corner.

Use the hot glue to stick each creature together. Since these Halloween coasters are disposable, you don’t have to add a lot of glue. One dab on the end of each plastic critter should be enough.

Place your glued coasters on a paint-safe surface and spray a light coat to cover. After spray painting our coasters gray, we added some spray glitter to give a shimmer effect.

DIY Halloween Coasters

The coasters were dry rather quickly. All-in-all this DIY took us less than 30 minutes to create. You can put these Custom Halloween Coasters together the day of your event.

Another fun tip for using hot glue: it peels off glass easily. Instead of using wine charms for your guests to recognize their glass, add a spooky friend to the stem. By using hot glue we were able to add one of the creepy insects to each wine glass for the guests to enjoy. This really brought the Halloween decor together and made it a little fun.

Which glass will you use? A rat sitting on the base, a worm wrapped around the stem, or a scorpion hanging out for the evening?

Custom Halloween Wine Coasters

After your party is complete, simply peel off the creepy crawlers and the hot glue. Then wash as normal.

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Custom Halloween Wine Coasters



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